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Cybaman Technologies is a company of mechanical, electrical and software design engineers located in manufacturing facilities near Hyde in Cheshire, 15 minutes from Manchester airport.

Cyba-Man-Tech invented an innovative 6 axis robotic manipulation system, for which they were granted the international patents rights. 

With the latest developments in hardware, software and application, a unique device for universal CNC positioning in three dimensional space has evolved.  The universal CNC positioning system is known as the Cybaman Replicator.


  • The Prince of Wales Award for Industrial Innovation
  • Archimedes Award for Innovation in Design
  • DTI Smart Award
  • Millennium Products Award
  • Measurement for Manufacturing Excellence Awards
  • BBC's TV Tomorrow's World
  • Eureka Design Magazine, sponsored by AutoDesk Competition 1996
  • Design Council. November 2000
  • NPL Awards for Measurement Prize. 2000