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  • hyperDENT

    The Art of Dental Engineering

    New version 8.0

  • hyperDENT : Abutment Creator

    Enables the milling of individual abutments, implant bars, and screw-retained bridges.

  • hyperDENT : Hybrid

    Laser sintering and milling in the dental workflow


hyperDENT incorporates efficient proven milling cycles from the industrial segment that provide maximum process stability and indication quality.  For example, the patent protected grinding strategies used for complex materials such as glass ceramic ensures perfect surface quality while simultaneously maximizing tool life.

Based on a modular product structure, hyperDENT targets different dental market segments from small and mid-sized dental laboratories, to milling centres and high-production laboratories.

Customers can choose which hyperDENT version best suits their business needs from one of our two core products:

hyperDENT Compact or hyperDENT Classic.  Depending on individual needs, customers can also add-on software from the hyperDENT Options range.

hyperDENT Compact Logo

As the demand for in-house milling production began to rise steadily, a simple to use, lighter edition of hyperDENT was created.  This CAM software unlocks the true potential of common benchtop-type mills while staying sensitive to the lower-cost nature of this machine category.  All of the key advantages, of a fast, safe, efficient and precise workflow process that hyperDENT is renowned for, is maintained.  Therefore, although this edition is light, it contains all of the core requirements that any lab would need.  With its user-friendly interface, extensive training is not required and can therefore be used by technicians without previous CAD/CAM experience.

hyperDENT Classic Logo

FOLLOW-ME!’s flagship product allows for the in-house production of ALL your digitally designed dental applications.  Its robust features and unique customization options give labs and milling centers complete control of their manufacturing needs.

Containing all that is included in Compact, this version is a step up and is suitable for large-sized labs, where simultaneous production on multiple projects is required.  Features such as multipart roughing contribute to workflow efficiency by reducing material waste, increasing tool life and decreasing milling times.  Additionally, customers are able to create their own part types to clarify a wider range of products within the software.  This enables the customer to specify separate parameters and toolpaths for their newly created indications.

hyperDENT Options Logo

Staying up-to-date with new CAD/CAM technology can be difficult without a CAM product that gives its users flexibility and expandability.  hyperDENT Options allows for add-on modules so that users can either manufacture new types of indications or customize their current capabilities and solutions.

The hyperDENT grinding module adds special toolpaths for the production of glass ceramics. These toolpaths specifically address the complications of grinding with water-cooled diamond cutters, for the highest quality and most efficient production of these materials.

The hyperDENT full denture module is a fully automated CAM feature that cuts out more than half of the steps required in the traditional full denture process. It is one of the first full denture capable software systems that utilizes automated tool paths and parameter calculations. This includes both the lower and upper jaw components, which allows for easy digital handling and is particularly beneficial for novice users.

The hyperDENT template generator is for advanced CAM users who need to create individualized machining templates to respond with total flexibility to new tools, materials, and restorations. With this module, hyperDENT possesses a unique and flexible selling point in the market like no other, as other CAM suppliers create the machining templates s and then sell them on to the customer.

The hyperDENT abutment creator enables the milling of individual abutments, implant bars, and screw-retained bridges.  Due to the tested libraries of interface geometries, these complex restorations can be milled easily with high-quality results. It also disregards the inconsistency of implant interface geometries from different CAD systems and scan adapter libraries, by replacing the geometry with a perfectly fitting alternative.

hyperDENT Additive Logo

Hybrid production (additive plus substractive) with hyperDENT®

The hyperDENT® Hybrid Module incorporates functionality that allows for a combination of laser sintering and milling in the dental workflow. The marrying of these two technologies provides the possibility to mass produce dental indications with superior surface quality while simultaneously maintaining a bare minimum of material wastage.

All-in-one CAM software which prepares the data for both laser sintering and milling production technologies.

Advanced user interface: offers all required functionalities for the additive manufacturing process.

  • Automatic reference geometries : created based on individual process requirements.
  • Autonesting : for optimal placement of dental restorations, taking the required space for the postmilling process into account.
  • Support structures : connectors which are sintered below the dental part and are automatically determined.
  • Partial mesh offset : allows for additional material to be sintered in a specified area where milling has been planned. The additional material can then be milled in the second stage of the production process.
  • Tagging : Each component that has been sintered and/or milled will be tagged. This allows for simple identifi cation of each project/job number, eliminating a potentially time consuming identification process.

HyperDENT : Hybrid Module

hyperDENT | The Art of Dental Engineering

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